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We are a no profit organisation founded in 2010 by some teachers and trainers that decided to get together to offer youngsters and adults new training and development opportunities.


We are actively participating in:


YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAMME. We are hosting and sending organisation for youth exchange and training course and we are on the process of accreditation for EVS (sending and coordinating)


LEONARDO DA VINCI. We host beneficiaries providing them high quality internship, accommodation and tutoring. As host organisation we organise language and cultural programme, coordination, support in the Europass issuing, transport from and to the airport and whatever is needed for a succesfull project


GRUNDTVIG. We believe in the power of non formal education and experiential learning. Adults are not used to these experiences and for this reason we strongly promote Grundtvig project (GIVE, Workshop, Learning Partnership, In-Training)


ERASMUS+ We are ready to propose new projects! We will be particularly active in the Key Action 2, both in the Strategic Partnership for Youth and Adult Education.


We are open to work with new partners and to challange ourselves in new projects!